Fiction Writing Tip #13

Become a hermit.

Not all of us can afford a cottage on the coast of Maine or escape to Traverse City for three months out of every year for a writing sabbatical, but most of us still need to escape from the world for a bit in order to get some writing done. You may not be able to leave your own home to finish your final ten chapters, but you can at least leave the social media world behind for a bit.

And good riddance.

I’m serious. Words are a precious commodity, and it’s foolish for writers to spend their gold on Facebook status updates and Tweets. And don’t even get me started on email, that vampire in street clothes. It will suck the lifeblood out of you along with every oxygen-rich word you’ve been saving for your book.

So turn off your phone. Hide out at your desk for awhile. Become a hermit, drive in your mind to your fictional world, and write until you run out of gas.