Win a T-Shirt! (Week 1)

Would you like to win this “I Love House of Living Stones” T-shirt?

Simply post a review of House of Living Stones on one of three websites within the next week (click on the product links below):

  1. Concordia Publishing House
  2. Amazon
  3. Goodreads 

Each reviewer (whose review has a publishing date of August 20th-26th, 2015) will be randomly chosen as the winner. As in, I will put each reviewer’s name in a hat and draw one out. Literally.

Have you already reviewed House of Living Stones this year on one of the sites above but still want the chance to win a T-shirt? No problem! Simply post an additional review on one of the other sites.

Have you already published a review on all three sites? First, you might be my favorite person in the whole world. Second, never fear. There will be another chance to win a T-shirt in the near future.

The winner will be announced here on Thursday, August 27th. Happy reviewing!