Win a T-Shirt (Take Two)!

Okay, y’all. The Choir Immortal has now safely arrived on your Kindles (Wait, it hasn’t? Then, order it, silly!) and the print version will be made available NEXT WEEK, so the race is on to review it.

Want to win one of these fabulously watermelon-pink “I Love House of Living Stones” T-Shirts (as modeled by the lovely Cheryl below)? Simply post a review of The Choir Immortal to Concordia Publishing House‘s website by September 9th.

Each reviewer’s name (whose review has a publishing date of August 28th through September 9th) will be carefully written on a piece of paper, dropped into a hat, and swished around for good measure. Then, my husband will extract one reviewer’s name from the hat and thus crown (or clothe) this contest’s winner.

Look for an announcement of the winner here on September 10th.

Happy reading and reviewing!