The T-shirt contest to end all T-shirt contests

Okay, all.

I have one more “I LOVE HoLS” T-shirt to give away. Do you want it? Then, publish a review of The Choir Immortal on your blog (or in your church newsletter, website, magazine, journal, etc.) by October 31st, send me a link to your review via the contact page of my website, and hope that my father likes it.

That’s right. My dad is judging this contest. The Choir Immortal was dedicated to him, after all, so he has a vested interest in this cause. There is no better judge.

And…wait for it…I’m upping the ante!

The winner of this drawing will not only receive a coveted T-shirt but also a signed copy of both House of Living Stones and The Choir Immortal. That’s right. The winner will receive a package in the mail teeming with the color watermelon-pink.

What are you waiting for? Post a review!

(And here’s your judge…Hi, Dad!)