The Last T-Shirt…

Thank you to everyone who submitted blog reviews of The Choir Immortal! It is, first, a privilege for me that you even read my book at all, but it is a blessing to me that you took the time to respond to it with words of your own. Thank you, dear reader!

The judge of this contest has spoken, and Mr. Roley has chosen…Paper Chemistry as his favorite review! Congratulations, Paper Chemistry!

Mr. Roley’s reasoning? I quote, “Though they are all very good, Paper Chemistry‘s review closely paralleled the feelings I had as I read the book and the love I had for the way the characters were developed and presented.”

Thank you, Mr. Roley, and thank you, Paper Chemistry! Would you please send me your mailing address through the contact page of my site so that I can ship your prizes to you? It would also be helpful if you could indicate to whom (specifically) you would like me to sign your new books.

Congratulations, and thank you, again!

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