Reading group WINNERS announced!

Dear friends of Bradbury,

Thank you to everyone who applied to participate in my private reading group for The Harvest Raise! It was a delight to hear from all of you, and I find myself wishing my dining room were thirty seats deep. However, as I currently have only eight spots available around my table, necessity forced me to narrow the list based on my demographic needs for this particular story.

And the winners are (in no particular order):

1. Karin Crum from Lafayette, Indiana
2. Sheryl Eby from Bellaire, Michigan
3. Jo Fleming from Grand Rapids, Michigan
4. Julia Habrecht from Alexandria, Virginia
5. Heather Hojnacki from Red Bud, Illinois
6. Jane Jensen from Plainview, Nebraska
7. Amanda Korthase from Boyne City, Michigan
8. Vanessa Rasanen from Cheyenne, Wyoming

I am very much looking forward to the time – June of 2017, God willing – when the rest of you can join us in Bradbury. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and encouragement. The book isn’t quite finished, yet.

Gratefully yours,