#WearTheRooster Contest, Round Two

IMG_1247Dear friends of Bradbury,

Pie plays an important role in The Harvest Raise.

If you would like to be the next one to #WearTheRooster:

  • bake a pie (any kind will do),
  • tag me in the picture and use the hashtags #WearTheRooster, #ForTheLoveOfPie, and #TheHarvestRaise,
  • and mail me the pie.

No, I’m just kidding about that last part.

But seriously. Here is what I’m looking for: your pie needs to reflect the cover of Book 3 in the Anthems of Zion series in some creative, thoughtful, convincing way. How, exactly, are you going to do that? Well, that is entirely up to your fun-loving self.

May the most harvest-raising pie win!


* Since my Facebook page is public, you will need to have liked my page in order to tag me. Also, if you have a private Facebook account, you will need to make your pie picture public for me to be able to see it.

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