#WearTheRooster Pie Winners

Well, the obvious flaw in this contest is that I couldn’t be present the very moment every pie came out of the oven. Oh, to feast on your delectable pastries with more than just my eyes! Thank you to everyone who participated. The pies looked scrumptious and oh-so-fun!

Before I announce the winners, may I introduce you to the judges?


Eldest Niece, Elder Niece, and Youngest Niece

The winners of our second #WearTheRooster contest are…

  • Rachel Pollock – “I thought it was very clever and fun and funny.” –Eldest Niece
  • Emma Patterson – “It’s pretty, and I like the way she decorated the crust on the outside.” –Elder Niece
  • Heather Orr – “It’s creative and cute.” –Youngest Niece
  • Jan Hoge – “I love chocolate chips.” –Yours Truly

Congratulations, ladies! Please, send me your mailing address and T-shirt size via the contact page of my website.

And now…

If rooster garb be e’er your aim,
Fear not the end of this small game.
Instead, relax, dust off your pen,
And put to work your rhyming ken.

(Hint, hint.)

Look for an announcement regarding the next #WearTheRooster contest on Facebook soon and very soon.