#WearTheRooster Contest, Round Four

May I introduce you to Rooster Cogburn? He plays an important role in The Harvest Raise.


It’s time to get out your colored pencils, markers, crayons, charcoal, and paint, Bradburians, because if you want to be the next one to #WearTheRooster, you are going to have to #ColorCogburn.

Here’s how:

  • download the free coloring page here,
  • have your way with it using your coloring utensil(s) of choice,
  • post a picture of the finished product on Facebook*, Twitter, and/or Instagram by Friday, May 12th,
  • provide the following link in your post: http://books.cph.org/anthems-of-zion
  • and use the following hashtags when posting: #WearTheRooster, #ColorCogburn, and #TheHarvestRaise.

All ages are invited to participate, though be forewarned: there are only adult-sized T-shirts available as prizes.

Happy coloring, Bradburians, and may the the most striking rooster win!

* If you have a private Facebook account, you will need to make sure the settings on your picture-post are public for me to be able to see it.