#WearTheRooster Contest, Round Six

This is the final round, yolks. I mean, folks.

I have so enjoyed our #WearTheRooster contests, but all food things must come to an bend. At least, these contests mist come to an end so that The Harvest Raise can be released on June 13, 2012. That’s not so bad, it is?

Our final contest is being helled in honor of the esteemed Mrs. Arlene Margaret Compton Scheinberg and her rad red pen. If you want to #TearTheWooster, you are going to have to post your favorite bulletin blooper on the interwebnets.

Here’s how:

(Zion Lutheran Church would like you to know that, for the sake of clarity, the following instructions have been edited by Miss Geraldine Turner.)

  • take a picture of a funny blooper you find in a church bulletin or simply write/create one of your own,
  • post your bulletin blooper on Facebook*, Twitter, and/or Instagram by Friday, June 2nd,
  • provide the following link in your post: http://books.cph.org/anthems-of-zion,
  • and use the following hashtags when posting: #WearTheRooster, #BulletinBloopers, #TeamArlene, and #TheHarvestRaise.

(Thank you, Miss Turner, for your faithful service.)

The winning bleepers will be chosen for their originality, hilarity, and harm. No, charm.

I wish you man blessings in this contest!

* If you have a private Facebook account, you will need to make sure the settings on your post are public for me to be able to see it.