Getting to know . . . Christina Roberts.

HRMS front coverKantor Christina Roberts, contributor to He Restores My Soul, has a Zimbelstern, and she knows how to use it.

Describe a normal day in the life of Kantor Roberts:

6:30 – I begrudgingly get out of bed and enjoy the cup of coffee my undeservedly-kind husband poured for me ten minutes earlier so that it would be at exactly the deliciously warm, but not-too-hot, temperature I love.

7:45 – Attempt, with varying levels of success, to get my five children and their stuff out the door and to our Lutheran school where as a staff we (my husband is one of our teachers) sing, pray, and hear God’s Word together before the student body arrives.

8:30  – Once the building is teeming with children we gather again for more singing, praying, and hearing.

9:00 – I usually sneak back home to squeeze in a run or bike ride, shower, and throw something in the slow cooker for supper.

10:30 – Settle into my office to plan and practice the music for our church and school.

1:00 – Teach music classes, band, and choir to K-8 students, and every once in awhile pop across the hall to flirt with the 7th/8th grade teacher.  It’s cool, he likes me, too.

3:30 – We work with one of the most amazing staves of people (that’s how you make staff plural in music, so surely it works here, too, yes?), and after school I love hanging out on the front step of the building to chat it up with them. They constantly remind me of the importance of delivering Jesus to these little ones that surround us. Then, sometimes, we all go get our sweat on with a good workout.

4:00-7:30 – The late afternoon and evening hours are typically filled with a blur of homework, drama practices, basketball, taekwondo, swimming, library trips, choir rehearsals, house work, and meetings.

7:30 – Read-aloud time with our five children. It’s the best. We snuggle, laugh, discuss how we would act, enrich vocabulary, develop inside jokes, and nurture our own relationships with good fiction as our tool.

8:00 – More praying, singing, and hearing as we close our day and tuck our not-so-little-anymore ones into bed.

8:30 – After the children (finally) get settled for the night, my beloved and I spend a couple of hours just chatting, working around the house together, watching a show, sipping an IPA or glass of wine with a good piece of chocolate, and reading. Then we lie down and sleep for the Lord faithfully makes us dwell in safety and rise to His new mercies every morning.

What three words best describe your personality?

Zealous, self-deprecating, devout. (I let my sister pick, see below.)

Who do you go to for advice?

My husband, my sister, and my pastor.

What do you like to read?

My reading log is filled with a good deal of literary fiction, as well as some mystery, fantasy, historical, and science fiction. My friends and I used to blog our way through classic literature, and although they don’t work their way onto my nightstand as frequently, good books of the past are still the rule I use to measure what I love about reading. I also dig a good nonfiction, especially those that are both practical and philosophical as they deal with issues like time-management, organization, achieving productive and meaningful work, parenting, and finding beauty in this busy and distracted world.

Beverage of choice?


Mac or PC?

I use a PC, but I’m partial to a bullet journal and a set of nice pens and pencils.

What do you want to eat when Mom is cooking? 

Vegetables from her huge and gorgeous garden.

Confirmation verse?

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9).

Which song do you hum the most?

Whatever one I last heard.

If you could name the heroine of a fiction book, she would be called:


How do you use hymns in your daily life?

Hymns are pretty much my job description. I pray them, I teach them, I practice them, I compose them, I interpret them, I study them, I struggle with them, and I adore them. Meanwhile, they instruct me, they shape my curriculum, they move my hands and feet, they fill my heart, they dominate my earworms, they bring me peace, they remind me who I am, and they connect me to the people around me.

What scenery do you want to be viewing?

A sparkling green field of young corn framed by windmill-dotted sandhills and the full spectrum of colors available in a Nebraska sunrise or -set.

Shoe of choice?

Danskos. Everyday. All day. (Okay, fine, I don’t run in them. For that, there’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS.)

Favorite movie villain?

Here’s how I’m super-awkward at parties: I don’t remember anything about any movie I’ve ever seen.

Which Psalm do you pray the most?

I have the huge advantage of having the Psalms ever in front of me for work, which saves me the decision-fatigue of figuring out which ones I need most. Instead, the Lord, through the lectionary of the Church, assigns me parts of His own hymnbook.

What is your chapter about?

Jesus. At least I pray His presence is what dominates as I share the struggles of being a church musician fighting against despair, fatigue, doubt, and anxiety. I hope the chapter is ultimately an unveiling of the joy that Christ has put into my life so that others may see it in theirs as well.

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