Here I Write – Conference Eating

Our conference volunteers are happy to stock and tend a water-and-coffee station (read: ancient percolator) throughout the entirety of the conference as well as to cook and serve two lunches for all attendees in need of midday sustenance:

  • Friday, June 26th: Nacho Bar (gluten-free)
  • Saturday, June 27th: Soup and Salad Bar (gluten-free)

If an attendee’s dietary restrictions are not met by these meals, he is encouraged to brown-bag it from home or pop off-campus to purchase a meal.

A community snack table (see registration form) will also be available to stave off the common crises of low blood sugar and writer’s block.

For all other meals, attendees are responsible for acquiring and devouring their own food and beverages off-campus. We highly recommend you do this with the new wordy friends you make at the conference.

Here are some dining options off-campus in Sherman:

  • Subway (sandwiches, not transportation)
  • Sam’s Too (pizza and pasta if you need a mozzarella fix)
  • Fire & Ale (You really shouldn’t leave Illinois without eating a horseshoe.)
  • China King (It’s not really China or royal, but it’s delicious.)
  • Cancun (Be careful, Texans. This is Illinois-style Mexican.)
  • Magic Kitchen (It’s the most dive-y and delicious Thai food you can imagine. BYOB, too.)
  • County Market (grocer)
  • Casey’s General Store (convenience)

If you don’t mind traveling a little farther into Springfield, you will find just about any kind of restaurant you want. For breakfast, we highly recommend Incredibly Delicious, a celebrated local French bakery. You will never regret eating their chocolate croissants nor their anything.

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