“Real, authentic, lyrical.”

Dr. Aurthur A. Just

Katie is the wife of Michael, the daughter of Bob and Cindy, and the sister of the Baptized. She is a full-time homemaker, a part-time musician, and a seasonal writer. She is happiest when you are sitting at her table, eating her cooking, and telling her about your day.

She began her writing career in Mrs. Kaufman’s fourth grade elementary class, self-publishing poetry in a treasured yellow, teal, and hot-pink spiral-bound notebook. She has since upgraded her trusty notebook to a Mac on which she writes books, poetry, and articles for various publications.

Her nonfiction books, He Remembers the Barren (LL 2011; 2nd ed., EP 2017), Pew Sisters (CPH, 2013), and He Restores My Soul (EP, 2018), address the topic of suffering and the theology of the cross for the benefit of her sisters in Christ.

Her beloved, acclaimed Anthems of Zion fiction series, including House of Living Stones (CPH, 2014), The Choir Immortal (CPH, 2015), and The Harvest Raise (CPH, 2017), tells the story of Emily Duke, a choir director from the big city who moves to a small town in Illinois to direct the local church choir.

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