Anthems of Zion

Words by Katie Schuermann
Music by Kevin Hildebrand

Sung by Katie Schuermann & Jonathan Busarow

Listen to Emily Duke and Pastor Fletcher’s hymns as found in the Anthems of Zion series.

“The Last Shall Be First” from House of Living Stones

“I Shall Not Want” from House of Living Stones

“I Am the Dead Who Riseth” from The Choir Immortal

“As to the Lord” from The Choir Immortal

“What a Wonder! Jesus Loves Me” from The Harvest Raise

“The Word of Christ in Me Does Dwell” from The Harvest Raise

Download free MP3s (right-click on the link) and sheet music of the Anthems of Zion hymns below. Vocal and instrumental parts are both included.

“The Last Shall Be First”MP3PDF song scorePDF violincello score
“I Shall Not Want”MP3PDF song scorePDF flute score
“I Am the Dead Who Riseth”MP3PDF scorePDF violincello score
“As to the Lord”MP3PDF scorePDF flute score
“What a Wonder! Jesus Loves Me”MP3PDF score (version 1)PDF score (version 2)
“The Word of Christ in Me Does Dwell”MP3PDF score (version 1)PDF score (version 2)

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